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Category: Economics and Statistics Administration

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03/18/2015 Blog Reinvesting in America’s Supply Chain Innovation
03/04/2015 Blog An Important New Tool in our Data Revolution
01/22/2015 Blog Data Snapshot: How Much Do Small- and Medium-sized Businesses Contribute to U.S. Exports?
12/03/2014 News U.S. Deputy Commerce Secretary Bruce Andrews Delivers Keynote Address at Entertainment Software Association's 20th Anniversary Briefing
11/26/2014 Blog Businesses Commit to Alleviate Their Suppliers’ Capital Costs
10/20/2014 Blog Commerce Data: Then & Now
10/15/2014 Blog Advocating the Transformative Power of Commerce Data at NYC STRATA + Hadoop World Conference
10/15/2014 News Putting Government Data to Work: A New Report From The GovLab Outlines Private Sector Recommendations for Improving Commerce Department Data Management
10/01/2014 Blog New tool shows manufacturing in America carries huge potential savings; a reshoring success “toy story”
09/25/2014 Blog Data Innovation Summit: Taking Advantage of Boston’s Big Data Movement
09/19/2014 Blog Lessons Learned: Exploring the Value of Open Data on Capitol Hill
09/17/2014 Blog Deputy Secretary Andrews Lauds Software Industry for Helping Ensure America is Open for Business
09/08/2014 Blog 1776 Roundtable: Businesses Growing Out of Data
09/02/2014 Blog The Value of Government Weather and Climate Data
07/29/2014 Blog Using Data to Connect Workers & Employers at Career Building Data Jam
07/14/2014 Blog New Commerce Department report explores huge benefits, low cost of government data
06/30/2014 Blog The American Community Survey: Best Quality Data with the Least Public Burden
06/17/2014 News U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker Touts the Strategic Benefits of Reshoring Manufacturing Operations to U.S. and Local Economies
06/17/2014 Blog Assess Costs Everywhere – Now Even Better!
06/10/2014 Blog Manufacturing: A New Commerce Department Report Shows Renewed Expansion
05/22/2014 Blog Investing in Data, Investing in America
05/12/2014 Blog Census Bureau Kicks Off National Bike to Work Week and Releases First-Ever Data Focused on Biking and Walking to Work
04/08/2014 Blog Big Data is Big Business for Commerce
03/24/2014 Blog The Commerce Department’s Strategic Plan: The Value of Government Data
03/10/2014 Blog Department of Commerce releases FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan
02/06/2014 News U.S. Exports Reach $2.3 Trillion in 2013, Set New Record for Fourth Straight Year
12/03/2013 Blog America Is Open for Giving
11/29/2013 Page Department of Commerce Data Sets and Information for Developers
10/31/2013 Blog Commerce and President's Council of Economic Advisors Release Report on Economic Benefits of Foreign Direct Investment
10/29/2013 Blog One Year After Sandy, Commerce Continues Helping Communities Rebuild