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Commerce -
100th Anniversary

100 Years
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The Years In Pictures
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100th Anniversary - Bureaus
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The Bureau's electric van, with "Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce and Labor
1920, Fred D. Fagg, Jr. Chief of Air Commerce Bureau, Department of Commerce.
An employee of the National Bureau of Standards listens t a radio broadcast picked up by one of the first homemade crystal detector sets
1926, NOAA National Weather Service Meteorologists preparing a forecast.
1950, Standards Eastern Automatic Computer (SEAC)
Preservation by NBS in 1951 of the Declaration of Independence (shown) and the Constitution of the United States
ESSA 7 Satellite launched August 16, 1968.
Charleston, South Carolina, 1970

Secy Evans speaking at a Census Bureau conference.

Bureau of Industry and Security Annual Update conference
Walter Cronkite with NOAA early weather service computer
Department of Commerce Aircraft
Commerce Department's Great Hall
two early keypunch operators
Patent and Trademark records
Research Library
Patent and Trademark records
Patent and Trademark records
Commerce draftsman at work
PTO Commissioner Gerald J. Mossinghoff with Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger and International visitors.1988
NOAA engineer at work
Commerce employees in conference discussion
National Weather Service  employees in conference discussion
commerce employees on Trade mission
Commerce trade employees
Commerce employee in conference
Commerce employee in conference
Herbert Clark Hoover with early telephone system
1st Women NOAA Corps Pamela Chelgren
Computer learning lab


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