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100th Anniversary

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100th Anniversary - Secretaries of Commerce
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George Bruce Cortelyou 2/1903-6/1904
Oscar Solomon Straus 12/1906-3/1909
Charles Nagel 3/1909-3/1913
William Cox Redfield 3/1913-10/1919
Joshua Willis Alexander 12/1919-3/1921
Herbert Clark Hoover 3/1921-8/1928
Herbert Clark Hoover 3/1921-8/1928
William Fairfield Whiting 8/1928-3/1929
Robert Patterson Lamont 3/1929-8/1932
Roy Dikeman Chapin 8/1932-3/1933
Roy Dikeman Chapin 8/1932-3/1933
Daniel Calhoun Roper 3/1933-12/1938
Harry Lloyd Hopkins 12/1938-9/1940
Jesse Holman Jones 9/1940-3/1945
Jesse Holman Jones 9/1940-3/1945
Henry Agard Wallace 3/1945-9/1946
William averall Harriman 10/1946-4/1948
Charles Sawyer 5/1948-1/1953
Charles Sinclair Weeks 1/1953-11/1958
Frederick Henry Muelller 10/1959-1/1961
Luther Hartwell Hodges 1/1961-1/1965
John Thomas Connor 1/1965-1/1967
Alexander Buel Trowbridge 6/1967-3/1968
Cyrus Rowlett Smith 3/1968-1/1969
Maurice Hubert Stans 1/1969-2/1972
Peter George Peterson 2/1972-2/1973
Frederick Baily Dent 2/1973-3/1975
Rogers Clark Ballard Morton 5/1975-2/1976
Elliot Lee Richardson 2/1976-1/1977
Juanita Morris Kreps 1/1977-10/1979
Philip M. Klutznick 1/1980-1/1981
Malcolm Baldrige 1/1981-7/1987
C. William Verity 10/1987-1/1989
Robert Adam Mosbacher 1/1989-1/1992
Barbara Hackman Franklin 2/1992-1/1993
Ronald Harmon Brown 1/1993-3/1996
Mickey Kantor 4/1996-1/1997 William M. Daley 1/1997-7/2000 Norman A. Mineta 7/2000-1/2001 Donald L. Evans 1/2001-2/2005
Carlos M. Gutierrez 2/2005-Present  


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