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Commerce -
100th Anniversary

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Secretary Gutierrez and the Ligers The Commerce Softball Team Play the House Ways and Means
August 3, 2005    
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The Ligers Softball Team: Front Row sitting (l to r) Annie VanMeter, Meri Farrell, Carson Bacon, Sarah Bonner. 2nd Row kneeling  Tom Michael, Chip Thresher, Blake Holcomb, Austin Imperato. 3rd Row standing  John Sullivan, Jennifer Sprague, Kevin Allexon, John Tocco, Deputy Secretary Sampson, Rob Calia, Sam Giller, Megan Beam.  4th Row standing Taylor Beery, Steve Madden, Office Roland, Secretary Gutierrez, Tony Jimenez, Matt Dauphinais, John VanMeter Stephen Yanes, Carols Gutierrez Jr., Secretary Gutierrez, Pat Thorne discuss softball game between the Commerce Department and the House Ways and Means Team Ligers player Megan Beam hits ball into the infield Secy Gutierrez in position at first base
Commerce Security Officer Roland takes a turn at bat, John VanMeter is 1st base coach
Secy Gutierrez and Deputy Secretary Sampson man their positions at 1st  and 2nd base while Brian Walton is in the outfield
The Ligers field a ball hit by the House Ways and Means team. Meri Farrell is cathching, John Tocco is playing third, Brian Walton and Rob Calia are in the outfield.
Chris Walters is at bat and attempts to get on base
Secy Gutierrez gets a runner out at first
Megan Beam attempts to get on base
Meri Farrell attempts to get on base
Secretary Gutierrez at bat
Claire Buchan and Christine Gunderson in the sideline
Secretary Gutierrez and fellow Ligers Teammates await their turn at bat


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