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Commerce -
100th Anniversary

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Secretary Gutierrez Speaks at the United States and Russia Innovation Council On High Technology
February 06, 2006    
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Two members of the U.S. / Russia Innovation Council on High Technology
Secretary Gutierrez and Ambassador of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov
Dr. George Atkinson, Science and Technology Advisor to the Secretary, and Co-Chair of the US-Russia Innovation Council on High Technologies, speaking to Secretary Gutierrez
Secretary Gutierrez and U. S. Council Members
Secretary Gutierrez
Russian Delegation: Co-Chair US-Russia Innovation Council; Dr. Sergey Mazurenko, Head, Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, Ministry of Education and Science; Ambassador Ushakov
Secretary Gutierrez
U. S. Council Members Russian Delegation, consisting of government and private sector leaders Secretary Gutierrez Ambassador Ushakov
Ambassador Ushakov and Dr. Mazurenko (center left, center right) hearing Secretary Gutierrez' welcoming remarks


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