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Office of Business Liaison

The Office of Business Liaison serves as the primary point of contact between the Department of Commerce and the business community.

Objectives of the Office

  • To develop a pro-active, responsive and effective outreach program and relationship with the business community.
  • To inform the Secretary, the Department and Administration officials of the critical issues facing the business community.
  • To inform the business community of Department and Administration resources, policies and programs.
  • To provide outreach to the business community including arranging meetings and briefings with Department officials.
  • To guide individuals and businesses to the Department of Commerce offices and policy experts best suited to respond to their needs.

Contact Information

  • Vacant, Director
  • Jennifer Andberg, Deputy Director
  • Andrea P. Dhamer, Deputy Director
  • Bert Kaufman, Senior Advisor
  • Niara Phillips, Special Assistant

Office Phone:
202-482-4054 (FAX)


Mailing Address:
1401 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20230

For information about news releases and speeches, please visit the newsroom or contact the Office of Public Affairs at 202-482-4883.